How much worse is an ATI 4350 vs NVIDIA 8800GT?

If I went from:

Intel Q6600
4 gb memory


Intel Q8200
6 gb memory
ATI 4350

Would I still be able to play most of the games that the former build can handle? I'm currently using the first build, and it's perfectly fine for my needs, but I want to know if the second will be frustratingly weak.

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  1. the 4350 is not a gaming card at all. You will be frustrated since any game you where playing on high settings will now have to be run at its lowest settings and at a very slow rate.
  2. A 4350 is not a gaming card, in any shape or form, it's a good HTPC card and handles 'work' graphics better than integrated but that is about its limit.

    What is your monitor resoloution, which games do you play and what is the spec on your PSU? -amps on the +12v output, please.

    It may be better for you to overclock the Q6600 and put a more powerful graphics card in your current build than build new or change the MB/CPU/RAM in you current system.
  3. CPU: Same clockspeed, later gen, so very little (if any) performance gain
    Memory: Going >4GB on a non i7 system has limited gains. Windows may seen snappier, but thats about it
    GPU: Major downgrade

    Performance "increase" = -50% (the GPU downgrade kills you)
  4. Pretty big downgrade.
  5. ^+1. Like said above it's a downgrade. The lowest card you should be looking at (on the ATI side) would be the 4670. On the nVidia side it would be the 9600GSO/8800GS.
  6. Just checkout the GPU list on this site...
  7. Thanks for your replies guys.

    I`m not a hardcore gamer by any means. The only game I really care about being able to play is EVE. Since it`s an MMO I feel like my memory/CPU are always being taxed far more than the GPU when I play it.

    I can't keep the current build so I'm looking to buy a pre-built machine that can still play EVE :)
  8. AM3 X3 720 or X2 550 unlocked (get good batch lol) + 4850 or GTS250 + 4 gb ram and your done.
  9. i got his setup
    intel q8300
    6gb ddr2 ram
    ati 4350

    when i go on can you run it comes up with 3.5gb of graphics memory.. this works well but i would suggest if ur gona play games make sure its cool
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