Overclocking core 2 duo e8400 3,6 ghz

i got the below system
cpu e8400 dual core
mb albatron pxp35 ich9
4870 1gb
6gb ddr2 800mhz
psu 800w

my cpu is running at 333x9, the mb has the ''juice'' to overclock but i been wondering (because im newb on oc) is it safe to try 400x9 1.250v with a low cost mb and 3 years heavy gaming usage ( one burnt 8800gt and cpu on 55-65 C for long time cause of bad maintenance). ive opened this pc up and fixed its air issues and it runs 35-45 C on 80-100% cpu usage with a scythe cooler.is there a negative diference if i achieve with oc-ing the same temperatures as with bad maintenance?

thanks in advance.
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  1. I dont recommend overclocking but try O/C the cpu core to about 3.80Ghz. Then bump the voltage upto 1.240v. Be warned: OVERCLOCKING IS BAD FOR YOURE COMPUTER.
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