What's the best CPU my mobo will support?

I have an ECS G31T-M, I know it's not the best but I don't know how to tell what CPU's it will support.

I'm currently using an E6550 2.3 and it's bottleknecking my GTX 275 on some games at 1900x1200.

Could someone please suggest a good CPU I can upgrade to that will work for this mobo, for around $200?

Thank You!
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    Have you tried overclocking your 6550? The e8400 and q6600 both overclock well; you can check for used ones in anandtech's for sale forum. The q9550 was $170 at microcenter in stores only. For newegg, the e8500 will be the fastest followed by the q9400 in the $190 price range.
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