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Hi,I have a 2 part question.I have a 790GX Biostar motherboard in a lian li HTPC case PC-v800b case.I want to put 2 HD4670 video cards in.I noticed some of the newer cards lack the crossfire bridge connection on top of the card.I would prefer to buy theses to eliminate the bridge.My questions are first are there new drivers now that eliminate the need for the bridge or are the new cards designed to eliminate the bridge on a hardware level that the other HD4670 cards still need the bridge.Also i have 2 slots in between the PCI-e slots do i need to find a certain length cable that will work due to the larger distance between slots.
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  1. 4670's are low end enough to support software crossfire. There is plenty of bandwidth inside the pcie bus that the additional interconnect is not required for the 4670s.

    There are a slight variety in the CF cables, you'll have to measure the gap and find one long enough. If the MB has a longer than standard gap it usually comes with a special bridge.
  2. Thanks for the fast reply.Just to be sure the motherboard didnt come with a bridge and i found 73mm and 100mm bridges.Sellers on ebay want alot more for the 100mm.I just want to know if i could get away with a 73mm on a two slot space between cards.
  3. I'm sure how long the shorter ones will connect to. Mine have slop in them at a 1 pci slot spacing.
  4. A small section of the GPU is dedicated to crossfire and dependent on the bridge. Without the bridge you will have additional CPU overhead which will generally lower performance as the CPU will have to compute the instructions that would otherwise be handled by the integrated master chip in each GPU that communicates over the crossfire bridge.
  5. I don't mean to be rude but, are you sure? I just bought two MSI HD4570 I gig ddr-3 (Newegg Item#:N82E16814127440) for my new crossfire ready motherboard and if they won't work I need to send them back. The advertising says they are crossfire supported but, everything I read on ati's website they always ask when troubleshooting problems "did you connect the cable? ". Thanks for taking the time to answer my question, just confused ( my first time).
  6. I want to the know the answer to this question also. According to ati's chart you need a bridge between 2 4670's. Here's the link to the chart
    crossfire chart
    Looks like if you have a 4650 and 4670 you don't need a bridge but it says you need a bridge if you have 2 4670's I wonder if this has changed.

    If you can crossfire without bridge what is the difference in performance difference with cards using the bridge. Newegg stills sales a Gigabyte card with crossfire bridge.
    Gigabyte 4670

    The MSI 4570 says crossfire ready but when you goto their website the specifications say crossfire N/A Newegg item
    MSI 4670 512MG
    MSI's product page
    MSI Product specifications
    for 2 days now I've tried to find the answers to these question looking everywhere on the internet.

    Any experience and benchmarks would be appreciated
  7. I have a similar query regarding the hd4670

    i have a newer sapphire hd4670 without the bridge connection, and have the chance to buy another sapphire 4670 but the older type with the bridge.

    Will the software crossfire still work ok? (ie i will install the 2nd card and select crossfire in ati catalyst)

    Or will the 2 cards be incomparable.

    Would really appreciate it if anyone can answer this as unfortunately cannot try the card before i buy.
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