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Hello guys, hope you can help me. I want to make sure that 80C isnt a normal temp for my CPU, I am almost sure it isnt. I am planning on buying an new cooler, cuz I use the one that came with my processor which is Pentium 4 3.0gHZ extreme. When I play games the games usuallt slow down and the FPS goes down to 8-10. The graphics card is fine and should run the game at full graphics no problem, it is an SAPPHIRE ATI Radeon x1650PRO 512mb. My RAM is fine too 1gig. I play Counter-Strike Source, half life 2 and sometimes crysis in medium-low graphics. Iv already tried to play all games at low but nothing changed. Oh and my Motherboard is P5PE-VM. The graphics card also has some high temps btw the graphics card came with the manufacturers cooler SAPPHIRE, around 60-90. RAM is 20-30.

Thanks guys!
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  1. Add a new CPU & Case fan if the previous fans are old.

    Ensure proper ventilation of the case , try to open some of the unused PCI slot backpanel covers.

    If these does not work try fluid cooling system (Thermaltake is the best) , it works like a magic.
  2. Kick the tires and light the fires!

    Give your computer a good old dust out.

    Replace thermal paste.

    Fix up the thermal problems.

    Maybe get an extra GB of RAM.
  3. LOL thermaltake "best" at liquid cooling ha ha ha

    P4 EE are known for their hot running properties. Do you have the stock Intel HSF ? if so ditch it in favour of something better - www.thecoolingshop.com
    and it should help with temps.
  4. Yea I think its the stock heatsink and fan, cuz it says Genuine Intel or sumthing. I can buy from the site you suggested, sorry I live in Sweden lol. Iv already found one that is pretty good and witch good price. Its made by Zalman and fits in a socket 775, which is my case. When I installed it I will come back with results. Oh and btw, in 5-6 months Im gonna buy a new PC. =O. HEre are the specs: Quad-Core 2.8GhZ, 4GB DDR2, 500GB HDD, XFX 4770 512MB or Gainward 9800GT 1GB. A pretty nice rig, but I am looking forward to the ATI 5870 =O.
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