Intel Q9650 G45ID a good choice for a home media center?

Building a new system - has to fit in a ten inch high space - small form factor important. Will be used for occasional video / photo editing and as a home media center (music / TV recording / blue ray movies on 47 inch HDTV. Intel Q9650 G45ID board a good choice?
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  1. Overkill. All you want is something just fast enough to stream HD video. And something that does not ned a lot of cooling.

    I'd investigate AMD 780/790GX chipsets.
  2. JSC,
    Thank you for your reply and the recommendation. Appears the 780G is the way to go.

    Welcome thoughts on the following:
    Motherboard: Gigabyte GA - MA78GM - S2H (or GA-MA78GM-S2HP), AMD 780G, Socket AM2
    CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 940 OR 9850/9750/9650 or 9550
    Graphics card: ATI 4890/4870
    Power Supply: 500/550

    Thanks again.

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