GTX 260 BFG OC maxcore Edition?

Hi all
Im having a few problems in games with my video card.

The video card seems to stutter every now and then.
Ex i never played crysis before due to my PC specs and well i just got the video card like 3 days ago
i decided to give it a try on the demo i get around lets say 24 FPS average @ 1280x1024
no AA.

Also Arma 2 i know it has performance issues but it stutters a lot usually when flying.

Systems Specs
Amd Phenom x3 8750 OC from 2.41 to 3.12 Ghz stable.
3GBs DDR2 667 Ram
700 watt PSU +12V @ 42 Amps
BFG OCMAXcore GTX 260 Core 216 Drivers are the latest 186. something.

Is it my CPU thats bottle necking the GPU??

If it happens to be that would a phenom2 x2 550 make a difference?
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  1. I say its a CPU bottleneck. I get 24+ FPS on 1680x1050 with 4xAA on crysis (DX9) with a 48701GB (pretty much the same card as yours). (34FPS on the bench w/ 16aa/1680/dx9) My CPU is a Q9550 though.

    The Phenom II 550 seems to be performing great and if you get a nice little OC out of it i'd say it would make a good difference.

    Also your ram at 667 probably doesn't help much.

    Might want to get a second opinion before you go buy one though, cause it could be an issue with your card, but its doubtful. ;)
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