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I have had this eye q 2000 camera for about seven years. It still works although hasn't been used for quite some time. I no longer have the instalation cd. How do I get it to talk to my computer. I have ohotos on it and cant out them on my computer.
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  1. mmartiapostolec said:
    I have had this eye q 2000 camera for about seven years. It still works although hasn't been used for quite some time. I no longer have the instalation cd. How do I get it to talk to my computer. I have ohotos on it and cant out them on my computer.

    Here is the only solution, (I've been through it all) :

    This camera will NOT work in Windows XP -SP3 (Service Pack 3) or later versions of Windows. There is no way it will work. These systems WILL NOT recognize this camera. (Sometimes it may recognize a completely unrelated camera and that will not work so don't bother to pursue it) There is no driver that will work for the EyeQ Duo 2000 in Windows XP SP3 or later. No one is going to make an updated driver for it so don't waste your time looking.

    It WILL WORK in Windows XP with Service Pack 2 installed and earlier operating systems back to about Windows 98.
    (I have not been able to get the camera to work in a Ubuntu LINUX operating system 10.10-11.10 )

    If you have access to an older computer with XP SP2 or earlier it will work! Or if you have an old Windows CD...

    My solution (Which I have done) is this. I created a small partition with an older Windows operating system on it.

    First go to 'System Restore' and create a 'restore point.' name the restore point 'Before New Partition'. That just labels the restore point so you can recognize it if you need to use 'System Restore' later.

    I created a small partition, about 5 or 6 GB, on my hard drive and I installed Windows XP with SP2. Any Windows operating system from Win98 to XP-SP2 should allow this camera to work. You will not need the original software suite disk that came with the camera.

    I 'activated' Windows but then I disabled the internet connection in 'Network Manager' so it cannot access the internet. I do NOT want this Windows to update, or be vulnerable so the internet connection is disabled. I only use it to download pictures from my old Concord EyeQ Duo 2000 camera. I labelled this partition 'Old XP'.

    This is a dual boot system and the start up (boot) screen will give me a choice of which system to boot into. When you need to download pictures from the camera, boot into the old system. The first time you plug in the camera Windows will simply detect the camera as a USB device and install this 'device' for you. IF Windows needs to connect to the internet for a driver, enable your internet connection for that purpose only (DO NOT INSTALL WINDOWS UPDATES). When the camera is installed, disable the internet connection in 'Network Manager' and leave it disabled.

    Now you can download your photos with Windows Picture and Fax Viewer. That should open up automatically when the camera is plugged in.

    Once you have the photos downloaded you can drag and drop them into any folder on your main operating system like this: Click on 'My Computer' Open your main operating system partition (Usually C:/) then 'Documents and Settings' then your user folder (the folder with your log-in name on it) , then you can open any folder you wish such as My Documents then 'My Pictures' - Just drag and drop the photos into that folder. Afterward you can restart the computer, boot into your main operating system and your pictures will be there to work with.

    OR, you don't have to transfer them while in the old operating system, you can also access the old partition from within your main operating system through 'My Computer' so you can transfer the files that way too.

    If you don't know how to do this partitioning and dual boot, get some competent local help, someone who with CERTAINTY knows what they are doing! If the person is not competent, does not understand all of the steps and makes a wrong decision your whole operating system could become lost and not recoverable, so be very careful.

    If you need to recover photos from an old Concord EyeQ 2000, or continue using the camera this is one way to do it- You can delete that partition when you no longer need it and restore that unused space to your main partition again. I use 'GPart' which is a FREE partition manager software that makes working with partitions quite easy.

    That is all I can do to help. I can't answer any further questions, (due to a medical condition) you'll have to ask someone else.
    Good Luck
  2. The original software CD will not be of any help. (I have the CD) It states: 'Compatible with Windows 98SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000 and Windows XP.
    (of course meaning: before SP3) As I wrote earlier, you won't need the CD software, An older Windows version can automatically find the driver for the camera online and install it. The driver is also available at several websites if you google for it.

    I am actually still using this camera in the way I described in my previous post. Good luck
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