Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 / AMD Athlon II X4 630

Alright I've asked a similar question before but now its the day of choice. I'm trying to build a cheap gaming comuter and need to pick between the Intel E800 and the AMD Athlon 630.
Which would be a better option for the next few months, as after that I plan on starting to improve my PC one part at a time, to keep up with the newer games at least on a respectable resolution.
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  1. If you plan to upgrade, an Lga775 has definite drawbacks. All memory accesses go through the Fsb bottleneck, meaning that a quad-core won't be efficient. And then, nothing new goes on this socket.

    Amd in contrast keeps socket compatibility over large time spans, and as games often make use of quad-cores, you will probably want to have one.

    Very different from my situation, where all applications (except 7zip!) are single-task, so I chose a dual-core because single-cores didn't keep up and took the E8600 because it's the fastest on single tasks and draws less power.

    Take from the beginning a good mobo, with huge expansion capability (at least one x4 Pci-E and many x1) as the mobo is the part one keeps longest. Remember you'll need Sata600 and Usb3 and 10Gb/s Ethernet soon, and no chipset has it integrated, so everything will need fast expansion ports.
  2. As u need a gaming pc, Stick with the E8400 as it has 2 cores with higher clocks
  3. As you need a gaming PC, prefer a quad-core.
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