How to move a laptop hard drive in to a desk top computer

Hi i recently broke the screen in my laptop. I had it hoked up to my tv as a screen but now the computer wont recognize my tv as a screen.(thinking some one might have turned off the option by mistake) Any way is there a simple way to use the hard drive in the lap top on my desktop be it internal or external. my lap top is about 3 years old and has lots of stuff on it i would like to save but my desk top dosnt have enough space to store it.

Product :Hp presario CQ60
OP : vista 32bit
Hd size : ???(cant remember)

parts list ,prices and step by step would be very help full thank you
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    You can get an external enclosure and slap the drive in it. Here are some examples.

    Edit: Correct for spelling, doh!
  2. ...or simply connect it to your desktop using a SATA cable.
  3. thanx helps bunches
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