Assistance needed with new motherboard.

Hi i recent bought this motherboard so i can use my AGP graphics card:

I'm looking for a processor around the £50-£60 mark.

I'm a bit of a noob.

Is all RAM compatible here, i'm using DDR currently, does the MHz of the RAM matter?

Hard drive question: I have an IDE Hard drive, is this compatible?

Also is this a normal sized Mobo? to be sure it fits my case.

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  1. You should be looking at something like the Pentium e5300, e6300 or Core 2 Duo e7xxx.

    DDR ram should work. DDR speed isn't really that important although you can use DDR 2 if you want.

    Your IDE hard Drive is safe but yoy can upgrade to SATA later on.

    The mobo format is ATX. Count the slots on your current board. If it is more than 4 slots it is ATX.
  2. OK it turns out i need a Micro ATX motherboard that supports AGP Graphics cards and Dual Core Processor. Please find me one and a processor to go with it!
  3. Might be easier to just get an PCI-E graphics card or use the IGP most matx motherboards have.
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