Strange Problem booting my PC

Ok so the problem all of the sudden started yesterday here is the deal:

I have 3 hard drives, 1 SSD with my OS Vista 64bit, and 2 regular HD's with music, pictures, etc.
Since yestarday when I boot my PC after it reads all the info of the memory etc, it will get stuck on a blank screen.
If I go to the Bios there boot order for my HD is correct, the SSD is first.
If I unplugg both the mechanical HD's my PC will boot no problem.
Then I will turn of the PC and plug back both mechanical HD's and boot to bios and find that my SSD is now 3rd on the boot list priority of the HD's.
So I switch it and I can boot fine.

So what I don't understand is Why my PC keeps changing the boot priority of the HD's?
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  1. It could be a dead CMOS (BIOS) battery.
  2. How old is the Motherboard?

    I've seen where when the CMOS battery is dying, it can resets back to default, as losses power, which your SSD might not be installed on SATA_0, so it chooses the hard drive.
  3. My Mobo is problaby close to 2 years old
  4. You can try getting a new battery & see if that helps.

    Also, check to see no capacitors look defective (bulging).
  5. well I changed the battery last night and at first everything seemed like it was working fine, it booted no problems.
    But this Morning I started having the same issue, but this time, after I unplugged the mechanical HD's I was even having problem booting from the SSD, after a couple of restarts the SSD bootted (first in safe boot and then normal mode)
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