Ps2 mouse and keyboard don't work when i plug in my vga crt monitor.

:hello: , can some1 please help me.

i recently sold my PCI-express 8600gts graphics card, so i need to go back to my GMA3100 gfx onboard my G31M-ES2L mobo for a while.

anyway the problem, so i unplugged my 8600 and then plugged my monitor's VGA cable to my motherboards onboard g31 VGA, instantly the red light on my optical mouse switches off and it STOP'S working :fou: , then if i take the vga cable out of the mobo then the red light on the mouse will turn back on again and it will work.

so basically when i plug in the vga cable to my motherboard and go to use onboard gfx, then the mouse and keyboard DON'T work.

this does not happen when the 8600gts is in the pcie slot tho, only when i plug in the onboard gfx vga cable..

any ideas?? plz help!! :whistle:
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  1. If you still have your 8600gts, check your Device Manager for a bad device.
    In the Device Manager, click on View ... Show hidden devices
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