Best Fanless solution (Not neccessarily OC'ing)

Sorry if this isn't really about overclocking, but there's no other place for heatsinks/cooling on the forums.

With that aside, I was wondering what the highest-rated fanless heatsink would be, I'm building a PC for my Father-in-Law who smokes like a chimney, and don't want the smoke particles to gum up his system because i know he'll never clean it.

Probably be building it with a modest core, an i3 or something.
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  1. there are quite a few of those, can you give like a buget?
  2. I don't think he really HAS a budget. Price/Performance is probably the sweet spot we're looking for rather than a hard number. Once you start paying more and getting less for your money that's probably around the cut off point.

    Would it be possible to get maybe a low, mid and high end reccomendation?
  3. Erm any of the prolimatech towers +-$60
    scythe ninja 3 (just sell the fan or dump it) +-$45 and $40 if you can sell the fan
    and any of the thermalright towers +-$70
    the COOLER MASTER S2N-PLMHS-07-GP +-$35

    but um these sinks are expensive, it really doesn't matter if smoke is going trough the heat sink with a fan on it or the smoke going trough the heat sink without a fan on it, just keep the PC under the desk or something because if you go for a PC without any fans you'll spend a lot of money on a cooler witch performs worse as the stock cooler because the fanless coolers will still need a good amount of air flow in the case to keep the CPU cool.

    that scythe ninja 3 is in my opinion the best fanless performer for the money, it is huge and has a lot of surface, any higher and you’ll get a fast dump in performance for the money.
    The cooler master one is very small and I don’t think it wil stay at comfortable temperatures.
    all of the prolimatech heat sinks are great, they are known for the fanless performance and so are the thermalright ones.
  4. Fanless solution is misleading, as you won't be able to get by without convection. Most fanless heatsinks rely on case fans to draw heat away.

    Why not look into liquid cooling? You could transport that heat to a source outside your case that would be simple to clean, and you wouldn't have to worry about smoke or ash making contact with the electrical components.

    If liquid cooling isn't a solution, Zalman made a number of fanless cases where the body of the case connects to critical components via heatpipes. I think the last one they made was in 2006 and should support the hardware you are talking about. Note that the powersupply will still use a fan, and they are usually the objects most likely to be destroyed by smoke damage in my experience.

    Hope that helps some...
  5. Thermalright has a really good fanless heatsink Thermalright HR-02
  6. Smoke really shouldn't matter. PCs can get ridiculously dusty and still function - there's nothing that's air-dependent.
  7. Hm, I was just kicking around an idea here, and they DO make fanless PSUs (SeaSonic has a 400W IIRC) But even though it would be cool I'm not sure if it would be practical or even cost effective. I suppose it wouldn't work unless you somehow went completely fanless eh?

    It's not even a noise issue, maybe i'll just get a case with some big filters and tell him to clean the filters every now and then.
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    you could also get one of these...
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  10. sap chicken said:
    you could also get one of these...

    I LOL'd

    Thanks for the advice everyone but a "fanless" consumer build is, As i see now, really not pheasible.

    I appreciate your time and help!
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