Problems with SLI

I have 2 eVGA GTX 285's in SLI (or so I am trying). I had SLI working without any issues. After a reformat, I am not able to get the SLI set up correctly. I've tried the most up-to-date driver that are available online and the drivers on the cd's that came with the GPU's with no luck.

If I install a driver, I am able to engage SLI through the nVidia Control Panel. However, the computer wants to restart after the driver installation. If I engage SLI before the restart, the driver will uninstall during bootup. If I do not turn SLI on before restart, the option to activate SLI in the nVidia Control Panel completely disappears during the next bootup.

Has anyone had this problem before or have any ideas to fix it? I've done some research through Google and haven't been able to find any solutions.

My specs:
i7 920
12gb OCZ gold RAM
2 eVGA GTX 285's
Asus p6t Deluxe v2
Corsair 1000W PSU
Antec 1200 Case
Windows 7 RC
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  1. Uninstall the drivers completely then install 186.18. You should not have to reboot when you start SLi.
  2. I've tried that without success. The computer wants to restart after the GPU driver installation, but not after engaging SLI. Everything seems to work fine until I restart the computer, then I either lose the SLI option (if SLI was off during previous boot) or the drivers automatically uninstall (if SLI was on during previous boot).
  3. Are you overclocking? When I have bad oc sometimes 2 of my cards disappear till reset everythign back to normal. Have you uninstalled and used driver cleaner to get rid of all the traces and then reinstall after reboot?
  4. The GPU's are still at clock speeds. I've tried uninstalling, using a driver cleaner, and then reinstalling, but it was not successful.
  5. Not ocing your gpu's your cpu is it overclocked?
  6. Everything is stock. I also haven't touched any of the hardware since the reformat.
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