Sabertooth p67 vs Asrock Extreme 6

Debating which of these to get and which would overclock better and more stable. Would most likely cool with a Noctua D-14 or something similar, but not water.

The Asrock p67 Extreme 6 has a 16 + 2 power phase array which seems nice. I don't care about the dual lan that much.

The Sabertooth despite just having an 8 + 2 power phase (I might be off on that), according to many accounts is overclocking like a beast for some. IDK maybe the decent quality mosfits, caps, chokes and such are helping.

Anyway... Any thoughts??
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    They are both very similar boards and will handle high overclocks with ease. Also, the 5 year warranty on the Sabertooth should last you untill your next build.

    What we are choosing between here are two very similar boards so all it should come down to is price. My advice, just get the cheapest of the two.

    Bear in mind tho that if you do go for the Sabertooth you will need either a downward facing CPU cooler or a 50mm fan to blow air through the TUF armor.

    P.S. The Sabertooth looks like a beast.
  2. Yeh, there are things I like and dislike about both:

    The Asrock:

    Don't like the only 2 year warranty. Don't need dual lan.

    The Sabertooth:

    Don't like the price. Don't like that you pretty much really need the 50mm assist fan that SHOULD come with it especially at its price.

    Guess it might come down to the deal I can get in the next few weeks. I would have thought that P67 boards would have dropped in price some after the z68's being out for as long as they have.
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