Asus P7P55 WS Supercomputer MB. In dire need of help

Ok, this was my first time building a PC. I have a P7P55 WS Supercomputer mobo Now, I got everything hooked up right and all that. I went to turn the PC on for the first time, got no video from my 9800gt and there was some smoke coming from my CPU (i5). A small part of the pins got um, a bit singed but was determined to still be usable by a friend. This all said, I get a d3 error on the Led. Before that, I got a cycle of 01, 38 and I believe 95. I tried all the troubleshooting methods but I don;t get any beeps and no video from my VGA. For the love of all that is holy, the blasted thing just wont POST.

I should add too that the PSU is fine. Nothing abnormal in it's activity
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  1. I would have the video card tested in another system and RMA both the CPU and the motherboard. I don't know how you determined that the PSU is fine, but I wouldn't trust it until tested by a competent shop. Having a CPU smoke is not normal.
  2. Will newegg take those components back with damage like that? I sent back all three just for good measures but will they take them back that easily? Never had to get an RMA for such expensive components before and I've never dealt with newegg's return service
  3. I don't know as I never had to RMA to Newegg, but you didn't have that many options.
  4. Well, the hard drive and video card do still work. I tried the PSU on an older PC and it gave me no longer than 3 minutes. So something was up with the power supply. I just hope that newegg exchanges it all. If not, I'm out $400. Thats if they just exchange the PSU.

    This is myfirst time building one from scratch and this is all kind of dishearting
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