SSD with Raptors in Raid 0

Hi guy/girls.

Question for you. We all know SSD's are fast as fook, and we all know Raptor Drives are the next best thing.

The question i have is. If you combine a 64Gb SSD (Crucial in my case) with 2x Raptors and Raid0 the 3 drive will it give a performance increase over 2x Raptors on their own in Raid0.
I know that the overall performance wont be close to a SSD single drive, but im thinking the happy medium between high speed and large/cheaper storage.

Has any one tried this? And what was the outcome?

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  1. You want to put a 64GB SSD in a 3 drive AID 0 array with 2 raptors?

    First, the resulting drive would be 64 * 3 = 192GBs. Thats not really a lot of extra room. Second, the resulting drive would be the speed of the lowest drive times three. This would kill the point of owning an SSD. You wouldn't get that "happy medium" that your talking about.
  2. Actually i was thinking of using x2 300gb raptors, not the 64gb variants.
    So x1 64Gb SSD and x2 300Gb Raptors in Raid 0.

    But your sure the whole raid will only run as fast as the Raptors.
  3. Positive. It doesn't matter what raptors you use other then the 36GB raptors. Because of how AID0 works, you'll only ever be able to use 64GBs of it. AID0 works by using the size of the smallest disk times the number of disks. You could use a 64GB SSD, two 300GB raptors and a 2TB 7200 drive, and you'd still have a disk that is 64GB * 4. The speed will be limited to the slowest transfer rate * number of disks. If that 2TB drive can only do 80MBps read, then it will have a limit of 320MBps read. I don't mean to be rude, but its obvious you have no clue how RAID works. That also means you have no idea what the pros and cons are. I highly suggest reading and educating yourself about it before you try to use it.
  4. Actually ive been uses and creating RAIDs for 10 years. And have run drives in Raid 0, 1, 10, 5 and JBOD. So hate to bust your bubble with your 'not intended to be rude' comment.

    Ive traditionally paired the same size/brand of disks together. However on the odd occasion ive mixed the sizes and manufactures. And using RAID 5 in that situation where i can.

    The post was created to see if any one had tried it and to see if there would be any improvement in read write over using just the x2 Raptors.

    But thankyou for your input.
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