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This board from DFI is getting on a bit, has been about for some time now...It won't boot Windows for me with any more than one core enabled from CPU Features. Is this issue related to the board or the CPU? I ran OCCT on the one core and it is rock solid, just as long as only one core of the 4 is active.

I'm after some advice I suppose.


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  1. msconfig>boot>advance option>uncheck number of processors
  2. Just checked msconfig and it is not checked. If I was to check it I can select either 1 or 2. Just to re-iterate, the computer only boots all the way into Windows and remains stable if CPU Cores enables is 1... The HT on the i7 920 means Windows is thinking it has two enabled.
  3. Are you saying that out of the four core only one core is working and the core is HT = 2 core in total? Checked with cpu-z? Any oc? mobo model?
  4. No it is not overclocked. The motherboard is DFI LANParty T3eH6.
  5. Sorry, can't think of anything else. If you have checked bios, msconfig, cpu-z, hardware manager and run occt and cannot pick up anything unusual, then I am at my limit. I can only think of flashing the bios and reinstall window. I think it is time for someone with more knowledge to join this convo.
  6. You do know that DFI stopped with their lan party range of mobo's, right?! and they offer second/third tier hardware to the end user now....?

    The board acting up in this manner is only a sign that its giving up on you and the world :P :lol:

    Pyree has done all he can...hats off mate!

    @ OP - btw what else are your rig specs?
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