Gaming rig within reasonible price

For my first post, I'm asking for your help on my first build ever :heink:
I'm searching for a gaming rig not to pricy, not to cheap. I've done some research and this is what I created for now:

Purchase date: beginning July

Purpose: Gaming

Case:Antec Nine Hundred II
Power:Tagan TG900-BZ PipeRock 900W
Motherboard:Asus Rampage II GENE
Ram:Kingston ValueRAM DIMM 6 GB DDR3-1066 Tri-Kit
Graphix:XFX HD4890 Black Edition 1gb
Processor:Intel® Core i7-920
Hard disk:Samsung HD103UJ 1terra 7200rpm
dvd-reader/writer:Samsung SH-S222A

Crossfire: Maybe in the future
Pricecap: 1300€
(website: (Belgien website))

My plan is to buy another HD4890 in the future and make a crossfire with the first one.
But.. being a noob in at building rigs I got some Questions:
- Is the motherboard well enough for a gaming rig or should I go for a more pricy one (like the P6T Deluxe V2 X58 from asus)
- Should I buy Ram memory with more mhz and try to clock the 920?
- Should I wait for the graphic cards with directx 11?
- ...
I hope you can help me with some good tips and some help optimising my rig, because I don't have a clue if this is going to furfill my needs ( I'm aiming to play GTA 4 at top quality :p )
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