Best heatsink to oc 2500k

So i just bought myself an i5 2500k and i plan on oc'ing it to around 4.5ghz or more. My question is what is the best heatsink on to keep this baby cool at these speeds?
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  1. Well... depends on the case and the budget.
  2. I'm just looking for suggestions on the matter and it's an raidmax sagittarius bit of an older case, but i don't wanna spend another 90$ on a case when this one still works.
  3. Awesome case, don't buy a new one.

    But erm could you measure the space between the motherboard and the side panel. I've got a scythe Ninja 3 with two fans on low as CPU cooler and run a i7 2600K at 5Ghz. I ran Prime95 for 4 hour’s and the temperature got just into the 60C which is great so I'd suggest any one the Ninja 3 as cooler.

    If the space between the motherboard and the side panel of the case is more than 160mm then you can almost fit any heatsink.
    Scythe MUGEN-2 RevB is good
    Cooler Master Hyper212+ is good
    Be Quiet Dark Rock Pro and Be Quiet Dark Rock Advanced are good
    Noctuna NH-D14 is good
    prolimatech Armageddon with one or two 140mm fans is also good.

    Just a few suggestions, the more expensive the cooler it will run.
  4. It seems to be a little over 6inches so it doesnt seem to be quite 160mm maybe like maybe 155mm.
  5. 6 inches is a slim case, you'll need to buy a cooler that dimension wise will fit inside it, that pretty much knocks the cheaper Cooler Master Hyper 212+ out of the picture.

    I would personally recommend the Thermalright 120 Extreme with 2 Thermalright 2000 fans, but its larger than the CMH212+, you may have to consider getting yourself a new case.

    Or buy what will fit inside it.
  6. What about something like this?

    that any good for oc'ing?
  7. Yes could do but then you're better off with a artic cooling cooler .

    cheaper and in my oppinion better.
  8. That doesn't seem to have good reviews. Maybe i should go a different route and get a corsair h50?
  9. if there is any space to put a radiator that is good.
  10. Well there is a 120mm fan mount on the side door for my case and i don't think that the h50 is 155mm high right? So if it isn't 155mm high, then ill just buy that and mount it on my side door cover.

    I just wanna make sure it won't be over 155mm high as the door mount is right above the cpu so it'd have to have room for the radiator and fan then the bottom part that mounts to the cpu.
  11. You don't have a rear 120mm exhaust fan?, the H50 is designed to mount replacing that fan, you may be seriously inconvenienced trying for a side door mount, but if you have no other choice it may be your best solution.

    You do need to keep in mind pulling the stock cooler and switching to the water cooling solution removes the airflow over the voltage regulators, and you may need to mount a small cooling fan positioned to cool those.
  12. The Raidmax Sagitarius has more room inside than 6", outside measurement is 8.25", are you saying you only have 6" inside to clear the side mounted 120mm cooling fan?

    It also looks like you do have a rear 120mm, so you could cut out the rear mesh, (sometimes a little case modding is required) and install the H50, and use the existing side 120mm to blow straight onto the voltage regulators.
  13. The rear fan is right by the power supply though and it doesnt have enough room as it'd hang out of the case if i put radiator/fan on the rear fan thing as isn't the radiator longer than the 120mm fan? and it'd prob hit the power supply there, unless i move the powersupply into the bottom set of the HD bays.

    I can hardly fit the heatsink i have now on my core 2 duo set up in the case and the heat sink is 131mm x 108 x 153 only.

    That's what my current core 2 duo setup looks like with the tower 120 inside and as you can see the 120 fan on the back it right on the edge of the case, unless you're telling me to install the radiator/fan on the outside of the case after i cut the rear mesh out.
  14. Yeah I'm also looking for a 2500k OC cooler, is the Titan Fenrir EVO any good? I've heard that it is....
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