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Hey everyone, i recently installed a new cooler (cool master hyper 212 plus). The fan is running fine and and the q fan control is working too, but ever couple of boots i get a warning that there is a cpu fan error even though the fan is spinning and the temperatures are fine. Anyway I've read that some motherboards do this since the aftermarket coolers spin a lot slower than their stock counterparts. Is this what's going? and how can i stop these errors from appearing without turning of q-fan? (cause then this thing is just screaming at 2000rpm)

any advice is appreciated

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  1. Hi.

    Go to your BIOS and select "Default settings" let me know the results.
  2. did it, and it's not showing up with any errors so i guess the fan was just spinning to slowly then? only problem now is that the fan is screaming all the time since fan control isn't enabled by default.
  3. Enable fan control, if the error comes back, we can say that is a "false" error in your BIOS.
  4. i had a similar situation regarding this as i had recently installed an antec 620 liquid cooling system and it didn't not plug into the CPU fan on the mobo ( it was plugged into the "chassis fan" instead.

    you need to go into your BIOS settings and look into power management. the cpu should currently show "n/a". you need to change this to disabled.

    this should solve your problem.
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