Gtx 295 + 275 gtx

this might be stupid question but i was wondering if you could have tri sli with a gtx 295 and a gtx 275 thanks in advanced
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  1. You have to have the same chipset but it can be a different brand of card.

    EVGA 295
    XFX 295

    Those combinations are ok but you cant combine in SLI a different level of card. This doesnt work. Sorry...
  2. If you are planning to use the 275 for physX, then yes. SLI-NO.
    Even if you are planning to use it for physx, it would be a waste of money. Get a 9800GT instead and you wont notice a differnece in performance as far as physX is concerned.
  3. No.
    SLI is fussier than Crossfire about which cards can be combined: The closer to identical the fewer problems you are likely to encounter.
    Do n't bother with a PhysX card: Dual GTX275s' have more than enough power to run rendering and PhysX without the complication of adding a third card.

    I am not even sure it would be possible to triSLI the GTX 295, I thought SLI and CF are limited to 4 GPUs'?
  4. The 295s I have seen are only for 2 cards as they are dual gpu cards and is considered a quad SLI.
  5. 295 = Sli / 295x2 = quad Sli
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