I5 2500k OC help

Hello all I'm kind of a noob to OC so help would be much appreciated. I want to go on the safe OC nothing that would harm the CPU.
I have a CM Hyper 212 + CPU cooler and would like to get a 24/7 4.2Ghz OC. What voltages should I be using?
And how do I check if it's stable?

Thanks in advance all!
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  1. Since you didn't put what is your motherboard I'm going to assume that you're using P67 board. Try Vcore 1.25 for 4.2ghz and have it stress test for compatibility using Prime95
  2. Check stability with Prime 95 over 10 hours or so. You could very possibly be able to hit 4.2 ghz on stock voltage too
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