Overclocking the 955 BE


I have this setup

Phenom II x4 955BE 3.2 ghz (C3 revision) with a Cooler Master Hyper 212 plus cooler
Asus M4N75TD
4GB DDR3 1600 Mhz RAM
Asus DCII GTX 560Ti
Cooler Master GX 750 W PSU
Cooler Master Elite 430 case with the following fans

1 front intake 120mm (CM LED)
1 bottom intake 120mm (CM)
1 side intake 120mm (CM)
1 rear exhaust 120mm (scythe full speed)
1 top exhaust 120mm (CM)

I want to overclock my CPU. Currently without overclocking it, I am getting idle temps from 34 to 36 degrees celcius and when full load its around 42 to 44 degrees celcius

I have undervolted my CPU to 1.2875 from 1.36. My case temps are from 29 degrees to 34 degrees celcius.

I want to overclock my CPU now atleast to 3.8 to 4.0 ghz. Please help me out. I want to know how much should be my voltage for overclocking it and what are the same idle and load temps after the overclock.

Please help me out.
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  1. Its all a matter of testing to determine the volts needed. to get that high of a clock it depends on the quality of the chip you purchased, quality of the mobo and power supply. up the multiplyer untill it won't boot. then lower it 1 and run a test with prime 95 or intel burntest. if it fails you may need to up the volts. keep an eye on your temps though and don't let them exceed 60C. also don't go past 1.4V on the core. use cpuz tools to watch volts and temps.
  2. Hi.

    Take a look of this guide: http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/258573-29-black-edition-overclock-guide-raising-multiplier can help you a lot with your overclock.

    Start to overclock in little steps, maybe you can hit the 3.6GHz stable at stock voltage but for those speed that you want the CPU Voltage need rise, don't go above 1.5V and 55ºC and you can have problems.
  3. I hit 4.0ghz without upping my volts, but I think I'm a rare case.

  4. I will do that but what I am asking is what should be the idle temps after I overclock it. I have it at 32 to 36 right now.
  5. Hey, I undervolted the CPU further. Now I set it to 1.392 volts at 4.0 ghz and get the idle temps from 32 to 36 degrees and load temps max at 46 degrees. they dont go further.

    is it a stable overclock. I ran the intel burn test and it passed the test.

    any suggestions. I am still getting less gflops when running the intel burn test.
  6. The idle temps aren't important, the important are the load temps. Intel burn test isn't a good program for test stability, use LinX or prime95 for eight hours or more.
  7. I ran linX and found no errors with all the 20 tests. Is it any good. are my temps good enough. 32 to 36 on idle and max of 46 on load with linx and intel burn test.

    I also ran prime large FFT test for 1 hour and passed all the tests with temps ranging at 36 idle and 51 full load. It does not go past 51.

    are my temps good.

    should I change my fan settings. I have them on 50 % min and 100% when the temps reach 50 degrees.

    One more problem, when I check my bios, the CPU voltage is 1.40 but when I check CPU Z its 1.392. why is it so???
  8. Temps and test are good, regarding the voltage difference, that's not a problem usually you see that changes between BIOS and CPU-Z
  9. Im just curious what multip. you have it at. What are your entire settings? Id like to test it out on mine
  10. saint19 - thanks for the reply. There is one last question. I have my NB and HT at auto default settings. I know that I am stable with the multiplier overclock. My question to you is, is it mandatory to overclock even the NB and HT Link. I mean i don't see any reason for overclocking them but was just curious to know after seeing many people overclock them manually.

    and kingmizu -

    I have set the multiplier to 20 and have my Hyper 212 plus fan settings on 50% minimum and 100 % when it reaches 50 degrees. The voltage I used was 1.40
  11. HT doesn't give you any difference at stock or overclocked, so, you can leave it at stock. NB gives you better times between RAM and IMC's CPU but only notable in programs like SuperPI
  12. So I will leave them as auto itself.

    and I also underclocked my CPU to 3.8 ghz from 4.0 ghz. The reason why I did that is because I am not getting any notable difference in FPS except 2 to 3 fps (hardly) compared to 3.8 ghz and also the windows experience index shows the score as 7.5 itself for both 3.8 and 4.0 ghz.

    So in order to be on a safer side, I underclocked my cpu to 3.8 ghz so that the temps stay better. at 4.0 ghz the voltage set was 1.40 and now I have set it to 1.3375.

    So temps don't cross 48 degrees at full load Prime95 for 2 hours.

    Is it ok to leave the CPU at 3.8 ghz because I dont see my CPU bottlenecking a single GTX 560 Ti. I will probably overclock it further to 4.0 ghz when I get another 560 TI for SLI.

    Is it ok to leave the CPU at 3.8. What do you suggest.
  13. 3.8GHz is a good overclock, but if you want future SLI with those GPUs, maybe you need something better that a X4 955 overclocked.
  14. So do you mean to say that even an overclocked 955 3.8ghz will bottleneck SLI GTX 560 Ti. If yes, then what about a single GTX 560 Ti.
  15. For a single GPU the X4 955 is ok, but for SLI you need something better like an X6 or Intel rig.
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