SLI/CrossFire 16x16x motherboards?

Is there ANY motherboards with Intel socket 775 or 1156 that support two PCI-e 2.0 SLI/CrossFire in 16x16x mode (not 16x8x)? Have found plenty of different types of boards that at the retailers spec and search engines on the web, that does have two or three 16x PCI-e 2.0 slots and support for CrossFireX, but when I checked it out on the manufactors sites, every single one of them only supported 16x8x, 8x8x, 8x4x4x etc. An example is the ASUS P5Q PRO Turbo Socket 775 [ ] or the ASUS P7P55D Socket 1156
[ ]. Why is it no such information in the first place, to fool the buyers or? **** this deceptive commersial jungle :fou: !

The motherboard I whant to get must have SLI or Crossfire 16x16x, RAID, support 64-bit processor, Dual channel DIMM (4 slots) DDR2/DDR3, both mouse AND keeboard I/O, 5 or more SATA 3 Gb/s, have a FSB of 1600 and at least can handle DDR2 1066. Can anyone please help me in searching? Little sceptical to nForce when my own is buggy (nForce3 250) but give me what you can find. Remember that I live in Sweden and cannot buy at US web-stores please!

Why is it almost impossible to get SLI motherboards except for nForce-boards and very expencive socket 1156 boards, when it in the same time exist
nomerous of cheap CrossFire boards? Is SLI better or what? Have read the great article [ ] about SLI and CrossFire but am in need of info of present hardware.

Greatfull for answers!
/ DT
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  1. Forgot this site is in english. You can follow the link to ASUS in US by clicking the following link and look for those motherboards I use as examples.

    [ ]
  2. None such boards exist because by definition, the chipset you have chose does not have that capability. To get what you want you need an X58 chipset.

    If you want any of the following, you need 1366:

    -Triple channel RAM
    -Dual PCI-E x16 slots that run at x16 each (socket 1156 chips only run at X8 each in dual video card mode)
    -Ability to upgrade to a six core processor at a later date (useful if you do a lot of multitasking or use well multithreaded applications)
  3. what they mean is that you have to get x58. since it is the only intel chipset supporting 16x16x operation.
    if you opt for amd, you can get 790fx series.
  4. Cant believe my eyes that the [MSI 790FX-GD70 AM3 AMD 790FX ATX AMD Motherboard - Retail Quad CFX, 4 PCIE 16slots DDR3-2000+, Exclusive OC] only costs $164! Whent to my retailer shop today and they spoked about an equel motherboard, but that one does cost 7200 SEK = $900... On which planet am I on? Does that board really cost that little? What the heck is a x58? A processor like i7? AMD or Intel? What socket? Cant find any x58 here in Sweden what I know. Please explain :-)
  5. Someone please?
  6. impossible, i7 and i5 are available everywhere. why would you buy $900 mainboard. even the most expensive is only somewhere around $300-$400 for am3. someone is trying to fool you.
    x58 is the name of a chipset that support the bloomfield or i7(intels new processor "coded bloomfield") and enables cf and sli (not every mainboard can do sli, sli certification is pricey). usually when people say x58 they refer to a motherboard with x58 chipshet(not everytime).
    ok, first you want a cf or sli mobo, but let me tell you one thing. going for the cheapest x58 means that your going to spent more money than going for am3. because the cheapest i7 you can find is ~$280, while the highest am3 ~200. not to mention that not all x58 support sli. however if you want to go for intel i recommend you to get asrock x58 extreme+i7 920, because this mb can do sli and still pretty cheap. you can get cheap 4gb ddr3 memory kit, but get at least 750W psu (most sli/cf psu with lowest wattage) i recommend corsair hx750.
  7. Thanks for explaining :-) It´s almost comical ridiculous and absurd how expensive those new high-end products are! I mean, why does all newest CPUs costs around $2000 like the Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9775 3.2GHz 12MB S771, when it´s only worth 1/3 after a year? OK it´s really cool stuff but do Intel and AMD really get those products sold when almost the whole world are ready to wait out time till the prices sinks before buying!

    Link to my store: [ ]. $1=8 SEK.

    Well, after getting all yours really important info I have decided to give up my high dreams and go mid-budget instead. Going to buy a ASUS PSQ PRO Turbo (DDR2 DIMMs) S775 motherboard with Dual channel, one Intel Core 2 Duo E7500 2.93 GHz CPU, OCZ REAPER 4GB KIT 2x2048MB DDR2 PC2-9200 1150Mhz RAM and 2x WD VELOCIRAPTOR 74GB SATA2 10000RPM ICE as RAID0 system disc. Know socket 775 is almost dead and old, but still not a bad computer, even if I only can use 16x8x or 8x8x which in fact is rather priceworthy today anyway. Not shore but I´m thinking of getting one ASUS HD 5750, 1 GB GDDR5, PCI-e, GPU 700 MHz, Memory 1150 MHz (73.6 GB/s) graphic card and buy one more later to run CrossFire when the prices has fallen a bit.

    This upcoming system should beat the s**t out of my existing system: AMD 64 1.81 GHz CPU (that often gets spikes) , nForce3 250 motherboard (with memory controller error), 1 GB DDR 333 RAM, Radeon HD 2600 PRO 512 MB AGP graphic card and 2x Maxtor 80 GB IDE 133 RAID0 system discs. Had before 2x Maxtor 300 GB SATA as RAID0 system but it crashed back in april. I see it in this way; whatever I buy, it is 10x better and faster then what I now have...

    Thanks so much for all answers! Maybe I can get that space age stuff I was dreaming about in 6 years :-)
  8. upss i mistaken your gpu for 58xx series, thehe :D ...
    perhaps you want to consider am3 since you can use cheap processor for now and upgrade it later.
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