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hi i was wondering if having 2 dual channel kit would make all the Ram into a single channel one? like if i have a 2gb dual channel ram where there are 2, 1gb sticks, and when i upgrade to add another 2, 1gb stick which are paired, would it result into a 4gb single channel ram? and would having a windows 7 64 bit affect it?
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  1. What MB do you plan to conduct this experiment on?
  2. I think I get it. If you're asking that dual channel ram works together to save data more efficiently, yes it does. It doesn;t turn anything into single channel though.

    For instance lets say you have a single channel ram stick, 1 gb. then you add a second single channel stick, it would be better to get two dual channel sticks and repurpose or sell the one single channel.

    I recommend you get 2X2gb dual channel ram for win7 x64. Why? Because it makes the most sense bang-for-your-buck wise, and would be the best option performance wise for most folks.
  3. zipzoomfly, you're right, i am considering getting a 2gb that has 2 sticks of 1gb dual channel ram, and thanks for the answer, it was really helpful. out of topic but, would anyone know by any chance the performance leap of a 2gb ddr2 ram and a 2gb ddr3 ram or even 4gb for that matter. would it have a great leap in performance for a 64 bit machine?
  4. hmmm was still choosing over the build between amd and intel, if i go the i5, then ddr3 would be the only option, but if i go amd's way, it would be ddr2 so in performance, i would like to know which RAM would be better utilized, but i guessed if for long term usage ddr3 would be the way

    PS, how long was the ddr2 out before ddr3 came into the market? i'd like to try base it on that in my decision thanks
  5. thanks! then this topic is closed! anyway how would i select the best answer? can't seem to find the button sorry hahah
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