Please give me your opinion. Is this videocard a good one?

I would like to buy a GTX 560 Ti 2GB, but the only brand that makes it with 2GB is Palit / Gainward, I read in some reviews that it doen't have VRAM heatsink, but I could buy one.

I know that playing at 1920 x 1080p doesn't need that VRAM.but some games use more than 1GB VRAM, e.g. GTA IV, and also I like to mod my games, and some of those mods consume more than 1GB.

I also want NVIDIA because I like PhysX :) and I had bad experiences with ATI before.

So, if I buy the Palit GTX 560 Ti 2GB and also I buy some VRAM heatsink, could I O.C. it to 900-950MHz, and get stability?
Would it be a good buy?, what do you think?

My budget is $300-$350
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  1. The 560 Ti is good, first off.

    I also saw that Palit's version doesn't have the heatsinks. I don't know that you can actually buy any though, due to clearance to the cooler. The good news is that GPU clock has nothing to do with VRAM temps. Mem clocks (which are more imporant) do, though...

    As for the 900-950mhz, who knows? You can never be certain of the clocks a card will achieve.

    I would recommend the 6950 2gb but since you don't like ATI, well, you don't really have a lot of choice do you? Maybe a GTX 570 1280mb?
  2. I agree with Wolfram23. I just built my system and I am running EVGA GTX560 Ti SuperClocked DS edition in SLI and they run at 70C or below on load and I am impressed by it's performance.

    You can get 1 for $250 off amazon plus shipping and no tax. I recommend this card if you game at 1080p like I do, it can run Bad Company 2 maxed out with 60+ FPS, I know because I have tested this.

    If not, why not run two GTX560 non TI for $380? that's a great buy, it's slower than than the TIs but they run cooler and more efficiently.
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