What type of RAM to upgrade laptop?

Hi, I have a two-RAM slot HP laptop. It has twoHynix 2GB 1333mhz 204pins DDR3 PC3-10600 SoDimm Memory. The thing is, I have no idea what all that means.. Crucial.com and Kingston.com (and it basically doesn't exist on the internet) don't have my laptop model, so I have to manually find it. I would like to upgrade to 8GB DDR3 RAM (4gb X 2).

Could you give me a Newegg or Amazon link to the right stick that'll be compatible with my laptop? Thanks so much.
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  1. What model is your HP laptop?
  2. bsaically the ones that are aleady in the HP.

    just look at SODIMM memory with simlar specs to those and get one with hhigher campacity, dontl ook for the ones with higher speed, cos the laptop MOBO may not support higher speed.

    you can also use memory website, that will search ur computer and show u suiltable memory for the machine.
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