Format required?

Case - AZZA Salano 1000 Blue
CPU - AMD phenom II x4 955 BE
Cpu Cooler - Noctua NH-C12P SE14 140mm x1
PSU - Etasis 750w True, 850w Max
SSD - Gskill Phoenix Pro 120gb (sandforce) (OS)
HDD - 1Tb Western Digital 64mb (Storage/Backup)

OLD RAM - OCZ FATAL1TY ddr2 1066mhz (2x2gb)

new GPU - Sapphire 5870 2gb
new RAM - Gskill ripjaw x series 1600mhz (2x2gb) 6-8-6-24
new MOBO - Gigabyte GA-870A-UD3

I recently upgraded my Ram, Mobo, GPU.

Would changing these parts require me to reload windows? I am experiencing random crashes.

I need help, if I were to reload Windows 7 pro 64 bit. Would I have to do anything special to the SSD, to clean it?
I am also not sure how to do the clean uninstall of the old GPU drivers. I hear people talking about driver cleaners but I'm not sure which one to use.

Appreciate you all.
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  1. You are receiving issue because you are having driver conflicts between the old motherboard and the new motherboard. I would recommend doing a fresh install of Windows 7. During the install process, format the drive to remove all previous install (make sure to back up all data, as needed), than continue to install the OS. After wards, install all the latest drivers for your motherboards and GPU.

    During the install process, make sure your BIOS are on AHCI, if not already. I won't worry about a "Secure Erase", as the drive it's self will clean up any thing left "hidden" after the reinstall. A Secure Erase is the most efficient method to complete prior to the install, but not required though.
  2. If you are feeling brave, and if you have a backup copy of your drive, you could try booting off the Win7 DVD and doing a Repair. But tecmo34 is correct; it is better to do a clean install.

    What I do in a situation like that is "both of the above." I try to convince the old OS to run in the new system, and start a dual-booted reinstall. Once I get the reinstall going, it becomes the definitive OS, but I can work before the reinstall is completed.

    Unless, of course, you have another computer that you can use in the interim.
  3. I went straight for the reload. When windows loads now it shows windows 7 two times?
    If I chose the first one it loads. The second one gives an error. Confused face!
    I am still having random reboots and freezes.

    Any Ideas.
  4. Did you format / erase the drive before installing Windows 7? It sounds like you have two copies of the OS on the SSD, which is conflicting with each other.
  5. I will try another format tonight ... I'm getting irritated with this whole issue. Hope the next format works.

    Thanks again.
  6. Also, make sure when you reinstall after the format, don't have the hard drive plugged in, to avoid any possible issues. Just have the SSD plugged in at the time of the reinstall.
  7. Thanks that is a good idea.
  8. No luck .. clean install went perfect.
    I am still getting random freezing and crashing anything else I can do to test the hardware?

    Like memtest86 or something for full system
  9. Memtest is a great place to start. Also, Prime95 is a good program to verify no heat related issues.
  10. Memtest 2 full passes run over an hour. Zero Errors.
    Prime95 run over an hour
    Cpu 51 max
    Gpu 46 max

    Reloaded windows 2-3 times now.

    The mobo has 6 sata 3 and 2 sata 2 ports.

    I tried plugging the SSD into a sata 2 port.
    Bios doesn't see the ssd...
    But the sata 3 ports work fine...
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