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I want to know which one is better..im going to be buying one of these..please give me some advice..i know i've been asking alot of stuff but i need to know right things before i buy..

so..will it be phenom x3 720 OR
athlon II X4 630..

give me a choice..that will last me for atleast 1 year..thanks

AMD Phenom II X3 (TRIPLE CORE) 720 2.8ghz


AMD Athlon II X4 (QUAD-CORE) less speed...say like 2.6

please let me know
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  1. i really like the new athlon 2 x4 to be honest. its $100 and you get a VERY decent quad core - sure its nowhere near the i7 but its not meant to be. in all honesty, you really do not need the L3 cache if you are not doing intensive computing tasks. i would go for the athlon x4 personally and save the money for something better in life.
  2. okay..how will this x4 630 perform on games getting released now and 1 year down the road? i want to get the 630 but i dont want to waste money if i can pitch in another $20 and get myself a phenom x3..
  3. Over that time frame, you won't need a fourth core as much as you can benefit by higher clock speeds.

    This assumes you will run both cpus at stock speed.
  4. so should i get phenom x3 or athlon x4?
  5. im thinking about phenom x3...what u guys think? i mean its only cheaper because it doesnt have L3 cache?
  6. I'd say get the X3 720, a good aftermarket cooler, and overclock it. I like the Sunbeam Core-Contact Freezer myself.

    You should be able to OC it to 3.2 at least.
  7. I'd say 720. Faster clock speed and it has L3 cache. Looking at benchmarks here on Tom's hardware, it's overall a little faster than a c2duo. The 620 is rated a lot less.
  8. thats what i thought..thanks for the input..gonna go with 720 :hello:

    this is how the new 630 is ... :pfff:
  9. i would ACTUALLY look up benchmarks before going with the general consensus here seeing as how nobody actually put up benchmarks...

    go athlon x4.
  10. lonewlf said:

    this is how the new 630 is ... :pfff:


    The new Athlon Quads are quite capable for their price. And Werxen is right, you should do a little research first.
    You never stated what you intend to do with said system (gaming, encoding, web browsing, etc). And that would make
    a difference in a recommendation.

    I Assumed you were going to be gaming (my bad) and as such, figured the higher clock speed and L3 cache, along with the
    known overclock potential of the 720 would do you better than the extra core.
  11. yeah im gonna be gaming
  12. let me know quick which one to get
  13. the benchmarks are pretty good for the x4 630..would you recommend extremely that i get the athlon x4 630...i dont know what the role is for cache..

    is cache something that stores info and if you looking for that info it finds it saved in the cache and puts it up on the screen ..or something similar..

    will i be able to play new games with this atlon x4 630..the benchmarks for the 620 look good so 630 must be better
  14. If you are interested in maximizing your gaming, three cores and a higher clock rate is better than four cores. Period.

    If you are interested in maximizing something else, like multitaksing, at the expense of some performance gaming, then you want the four core chip.

    Now, its up to you to decide.
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