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I'm getting ready to sell an old computer and my IT Director friend told me I should wipe the drive first using Darik's Boot & Nuke. So I did that. I seem to recall getting an error message at the end but my memory is not that good and the computer wouldn't boot Windows anymore so I assumed it had worked. The computer was working fine with windows XP prior to that. I just found my windows XP CD so I proceeded to install windows and when it gets to the part where I choose where to install and/or how to partition the drive it lists the drive with the correct (I think) size of ~39Gb and says "(windows can not access this drive)". When I hit any key at that point, I get the blue screen critical error message and I have to power the machine off. I tried running DBAN again and it gives me a similar message about not being able to access the drive.

Does anyone know what may have happened and/or how I can fix it?

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  1. Update:

    I tried swapping the IDE connector with the one that goes to the two CD drives, so now the hard drive uses a different IDE cable and a different connector on the motherboard. The CD drive still works fine and I have the same problem with using the hard drive.
  2. Ah-Hah. An IDE connector. IDE drives usually have to be configured with jumpers as either Master or Slave. If there is only one drive, it has to be configured as Master. If the drive you have is configured as Slave, it won't work on an IDE cable by itself. What model drive, so we can look up the jumpers?

    Two other possibilities: The drive is dead, or uses Cable Select, a technique which determines Master or Slave by which connector it is plugged to.

    Note: In California, the use of the terms "Master" and "Slave" is not permitted. The drives must be referred to as "Primary" and "Secondary."
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