Mounting 120.3 Rad in Bottom of RV02

Hey guys,

I've just begun my watercooling endeavor and need some help figuring out how to mount the rad (the most difficult part here).

As you can see in the picture, the rad (Black Ice Xtreme III) fits easily in the bottom of the case, but I am trying to figure out how to attach it to the base. There are small ridges between the fan grates as well as in the center of the fan grates (same height; ~few millimeters). I don't have the radiator mounts that came with the case (stupidly left those at school), and need some ideas as to how to design/craft my own mounts.

I have no qualms drilling into the bottom of the case, but I might need to actually get some tools in the coming days. I found a Dremel, but it is missing a lot of the tips I'm betting I'll need (basically all of the drilling/cutting bits).

Any and all suggestions are welcome! Thanks!

UPDATE: I contacted Silverstone and they would only charge me $6+S&H for new radiator mounts. I still don't know the best place to put them, since the mounts are technically used to bolt the rad to the original 180mm fans underneath. I plan to put the 120mm Scythe Slipstreams I purchased on top to pull air through.

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  1. All the photos have been deleted??
  2. cia24 said:
    All the photos have been deleted??

    I moved them to a sub-album on Photobucket, so the links didn't work :sarcastic:
    Fixed them.
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