Can bad ram damage a pc/mobo?

Had an old computer that i thought the mobo was bad on (powered up, but no display whatsoever on the monitor, had tested all other components). ordered a new mobo, put the ram in it from first mobo and fired it up -- same problem -- no display. took the stick of ram to a working pc and plugged it in. after i did that, the working pc fails. even when i remove the stick of ram in question.

It boots up, and gives the 'a problem has occurred, how would you like windows to start' and gives the options of safe, last known good, normally, etc. I have tried each selection... when i do, it goes to the black screen with winxp loading as normal... then after a few seconds the entire pc reboots and it cycles in this manner.

First, could the stick of ram be the fault on all these pc's? Secondly, and more importantly, what the hell happened to the working pc where it reboots a few seconds after it starts loading xp in a death loop???? Please tell me that stick of ram didnt somehow fry something. Can you suggest any method to get it to stop rebooting at startup before i have to pull the hard drive, try to salvage files, and start more intense troubleshooting?

the ram in question is 256mb ddr

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  1. No. Only way to damage the ram slot is by forcing the ram in the wrong way. Ddr3 won't go into a ddr2 slot easily even though they're both 240 pins.
  2. Death loop could be anything, including a bad PSU.
  3. Oldie, what if the ram stick is bad and shorts something out that causes the system to go haywire? Is that possible?
  4. possible but not likely.. if ram shorts that bad it would probably catch on fire/smoke..
  5. you can disregard this topic. whatever happened, corrupted the hard drive on the working computer (which was an unused pc from a friend of the family while i fixed the other). bsod and drive corrupt/unrecognizable using mini xp on a bootcd when i put the drive in another pc. so now i have to rack my freakin brain to find a way to get the data off of it and restored.

    who knows why plugging that stick of ram in there resulted in this... coincidence? cause?... bah who knows. i'm ready to throw every freaking computer i have in the ditch out back.
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