Overclocking i7 950

Im intrested in mild overclocking my i7 950. I'm not trying to push it till it wont go higher then back it down a notch. but i am however trying to find the mid of that or just above it. as of now its running at 3.07ghz. with a coolmaster 212+ push/pull.

My comp:
i7 950 3.07ghz
3x2gb corsair dom 8-8-8-24
850watt psu
antec 900 5 fan+2cpu+1psu+2gpu
evga ftw3 mobo

I enabled the dummy Oc and it only raised to 3.19ghz which was hardly worth it so i restored it and now hoping to do it myself. Anyone know of a solid oc? also my mobo supports 1600mhz+ ram but does not however specify ea speeds. is it trial/error?

Edit: so far 3.66ghz with Turbo mode on seems to be the happy medium. any thoughts?
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    BLCK number times the ram multiplier is your ram speed. Overclocking is generally trial and error. Your best bet is to do some reading and go from there. Keep voltages within specs and QPI/Dram (or maybe it's called QPI/VTT depending on the board)and your dram bus voltage within .5 or less of each other. For example 1.65 dram voltage would mean the QPI/dram needs to be at least 1.15.

    That chip is pretty speedy at that frequency, I can't say more than that unless you have a target your trying to reach.
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Overclocking Intel i7