FATAL ERROR: Unable to locate necessary table

Hi, I am having a problem that I can't find on google. During post, Immediately before windows is loaded, I receive the error FATAL ERROR: Unable to locate necessary tables. Press any key to continue booting. I did a bios flash, and that didn't change anything. I also pushed the cmos reset button, reset time/date. Should I have removed the battery? Or does the reset button reset everything to default? Other than the error popping up, everything else appears to be working fine. when I continue booting, windows loads fine. I thing the bios is compaq, the board is HP D330 ST. Ayone know how to get rid of this error? Or how to reset/reload defaults for whatever tables are missing? Thanks in advance for any help. Chad
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  1. i had same prob... corrupted MBR
    install EasyBCD 1.7.2...
    then click manage bootloader tab in EasyBCD 1.7.2
    click write mbr button

    reboot see if it works
  2. Not sure that that's the issue, I've reformatted the drive and reset the bios, still get the same error. It's something in CMOS
  3. did u try it?
  4. did u ever try it? i know what it is... if u unplug you boot drive an power on the error is no longer there..... the problem is that windows 7 / vista write a string it creates from your bios to the boot sector.... its something to do with windows validation...
  5. Hi Guys, I think this one is toast. EasyBCD didn't fix the problem. I have tried 2 different hard drives in it as c:, and after formatting and installing XP, I get "Hard Drive Detects Immenent Failure" on both drives. I got Xp to run, but the 2.2 GHZ intel celeron is acting more like a 200MHZ pentium II. The memory is not even running at speed. 1.5 Gig of 400mhz DDR, running at 266 MHZ. FSB is 800Mghz. It is now the slowest PC I have ever had. Not sure what happened to it. Would have been a nice work/testing machine. Think the processor could be burnt up? Could that damage the HD? I can get a 3.2 Ghz pentium 4 with Hyperthreading for it for $45.00. I'm a certified tech, and I can't figure it out. any ideas? Thanks for staying with me on this one, and sorry it took so long to reply.
  6. Still never figured this out. Anyone have ideas?
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