-necdvd-rw nd-3550A DVD/CD RW drive - can\'t burn DVDs

My -necdvd-rw nd-3550A DVD/CD RW drive - wont burn dvd but it reconizes the blank dvd as a cd any ideas please as i am stumped i have rebuilt the computer and it is the drive from my old one it reconizes the dvd drive when it is empty but when i insert a blank dvd-r disk it just shows a cd drive my OS is windows xp home edition service pack 2
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  1. You can try cleaning the optics with a cotton swab. Does it read DVDs normally? The drives do go bad at times, and since the DVD and CD pickups are different, CDs can work file while the DVD part fails. You'll need a new drive if that's the case.

    You probably should also upgrade Windows to SP3 and make sure all the patches are run.
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