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Hello! I know there are many discussions about this, but i guess the best idea is to ask because it can be different from computer to computer.

Anyway, let's start off:

I have an Allied Power Supply 400W (something like this ) with the 120mm fan facing down. The fan sucks the hot air inside the case but there is no fan to exhaust it from the PSU >>> so the PSU gets a little bit warm.
The second fan is the CPU stock fan. It blows air to the heatsink.
The third fan ( i bought it these days ) is a DeepCool Xfan 80mm (This) I placed it in the back of the case (under the power supply, over the PCI slots, near the usb ports, :sarcastic: you know where) . This one also sucks air out from the case and blows it outside.
Also, i removed the side panel because of the HOT summer ( I clean the computer of dust every 2-3 months.
The case is an usual Desktop PC case...
I ordered a new fan, 120mm , 1300rpm which should arrive in a few days.

Now, I'd like to know your opinions and tell me what's the best way to put the fans.. (blowing in or out) and if it's better to leave the case open or not. Thanks!
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  1. Is turning the fan over so it blows air in the case a good solution? I just don't like the PSU to be warm.
  2. The best or most common way to set up case fans -

    Intake - lower front of the case - providing there is a mounting position.
    Exhaust - Top rear f the case under the PSU

    PSU's usually have a fan inside to suck air in from the inside of the case and blow it out the back of the PSU (exhaust) - while this will provide some cooling a dedicated exhaust fan will be better.

    If you can mount the new fan at the front then I would do so, and then use your older fan as an exhaust at the rear of the case.

    Failing that cases with fans included are pretty cheap these days, the only word of caution being if it has lots of fans for a low price then the fans will probably be quiet noisy
  3. your psu is grilled at the back, that allows the heat to escape the case,
    theres no getting around the fact that your psu is going to create heat, and as long as that mesh/grill isn't obstructed your fine
    Small fans are noisier than larger ones, so I'll pretend your rich and say,
    120mm fan at front (usually set low in the case) intake
    120mm at 'the normal place' exhaust
    and without seeing your case I cant really advise you further, you may have options for sidefans or top, post a pic of it with the side panel off, and let me know how handy you can get with a drill/angle grinder :P
  4. Luckily (yes) I'm not rich, but I can afford some fans.

    I'm a computer whiz (and handy too!) and i enjoy spending time improving my computer's health. [/boast]
    I decided to start modding my PC a bit, so i thought the first thing I have to do is lighten things up a bit :D

    Anyway, here are some pics: (ignore the dust, I must clean it in a week or so)

    let me know how handy you can get with a drill/angle grinder

    I can't really get my hands on one of these. Firstly because I'm only 16 and secondly I can't afford to buy one just for this.

    *I'm not a native English speaker, so please bear with me.

    Thanks for all!
  5. Cant get those pics up :(
    Any power tool you can borrow can help you cut holes etc but hand tools are equally as useful, it just takes more time
    but you'll notice a noise difference from stacking the 120's rather than 80mm fans
  6. Try this one...

    Oh and btw, i'm not really into cutting the case... I'll stick to the options I have .
  7. Quote:
    120mm at 'the normal place' exhaust

    Where is this "normal place" ? Sorry but I'm not allowed to edit my posts!
  8. Ok, I see the state of things there :)
    Normal place is where you have your 'Disco light' fan, there are mounting holes there for a 120mm fan, no cutting needed so far :P
    That psu is fine if its sucking from the case (grill on the inside) as long as theres clearance behind it for the hot air to escape, couple of inches is fine
    Front fan intake
    and disco fan exhaust,
    you should be able to place a 120mm at the front to replace the 80mm,
    but tucking those loose cables away will help your airflow a bit as well, feed them behind the drive cage,out of the way
    out of curiousity, is that gfx card an ATI club 4350?
  9. Thanks. The gfx card is an ATI Radeon HD 3400. It has some sort of heatsink and no fan (but it's alright, so far i had troubles with the stupid PSU that came with the PC)

    About the cables, any tips on how to tuck them away? I'm thinking about using rubber band. (I wanted to say copper wire, but i doubt it's a good idea.:))
  10. Check my siglinks, numbers 2 and 3 for some cable hiding tips,
    rubber bands could come in handy,
    you can tuck them in the drive cage under that optical drive, move the drive down a slot and put them above it or feed them behind the motherboard panel, all sorts of options, you just need to 'see' the potential :P
  11. I'll check those two threads. I'll disassemble everything on Monday and come back with some pics!

    Thanks for your help!
  12. No problems man,
  13. I could not stop myself.... so.. i did it today :D .

    So, after i rearranged the cables.. it looks like this: Sturdy cables, what can I say...
    The others that are not connected are now standing on the DVD-Rom.
    Guess that takes care of that.

    Now the front case fan concerns me... there is a grill for it, but the outer part of the case (front) it's like this:]
    Is that enough for the fan to intake air ? Those 3 pieces are not removable, only if i cut them (or melt?)

    So.. is it better now ? :D
  14. Hehe, My influence has taken hold lol,
    Ok, now you've got the taste, play with this idea,
    Hard drive, spin it 180' so the connectors are at the front,
    unclip the cables, feed them around the backside of the hard drive cage and plug them in from the front, they're now all hidden behind the cage
    untangle the cpu 4pin cable from the mass, feed that around the back of the psu and have it coming over the back tray just where its needed
    and the motherboard headers, powerswitch etc? if you remove the mobo you feed those through from the back and bring them out just where you want them, same can be done with the 20+4pin but that will require some cutting of the Mobo tray, if you check my second link you'll see how I've done these things,
    Getting a 404 on the second picture so I assume your front bezels a bit of a pain?
    I drilled holes in my Gf's front bezel to allow more air in :P
    Glad your having fun though man, looking good :)
  15. Wow! That's hell of a job you've done there, especially in the second case. I'm so gonna do that BUT I just don't feel ready to take out the mobo. Actually i'm a bit aware of breaking it, because i know i won't be seeing a new one too soon so...
    I'll hide the hard drive cables as you explained, and i'll do the rest when I have time, in fact.. trial and error is my speciality.

    Btw, the case along with the light bars is so cool! What exactly are those light bars?
    And hey, thanks for helping me out!
  16. Damn, I don't understand why I'm not allowed to edit my posts...
    Here is the second picture:
  17. Thats plenty of room for air to get through, no need to worry about that panel
    If you read the thread, I made the lightbars from parts that came with the cases :)
    Dont be scared of taking Mobo out, as long as you are careful and have a static free bag put place it onto, you'll be fine
    Editing posts seems to be an earned privelege if I remember right, you cant edit for some time as a newcomer, you might be able to use the quick edit icon though
  18. After I read about the lightbars I thought to myself (Yep, forget about it).
    Anyway, is it ok if I remove that panel.. so it will look something like this?,2-6-110238-13.jpg

    And about the cables, I'll get back with pics in 2 weeks or so.. ( I can't wait till then, but.. I have to)
  19. If you like the look of that (and nothing can fall into the blades) then yeah, go for it :)
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