Which GTX 260

I was looking at the superclocked evga but nah i can overclock a normal gtx
and will this power supply work?
http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817189014 it's 2x6pin sli ready so it should right?
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  1. You can do better than that PSU. I would never even consider such a cheap unit. If you get a cheap MB, CD drive, whatever.. you end up having to replace it. You get a cheap psu and you may end up replacing it and everything it is connected to. Get one with a good warranty and support.

    Corsair, PC PnC, OCZ, Antec to name a few.

    As for the 260, they are all the same really. Those you linked are identical cards. XFX has a double lifetime warranty and evga has a step up program (in some countries). Generalyl get the cheapest one, or whichever comes with the better games.
  2. i agree with daedalus

    check out this PSU at a similar price
  3. yea you are good with those two
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