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Hey, this is hopefully really easy for someone to answer, but I have to make sure so I don't waste $1200 on a monitor.


I need to know if the Dell 3008WFP 30 in. monitor will accept dual link DVI with HDCP. (OR if there is some better or equivalent connection with the following specs)

It lists the connectivity as:

High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI)
Digital Visual Interface - Digital (DVI-D) with High Definition Content Protection (HDCP)
Video Graphics Array (VGA)
Component Video
Separate Video (S-Video)
Composite Video

It does not list dual link DVI with HDCP.... I take this to mean just single link. But the version it replaces had dual link DVI, so why would this one not allow that?

It also has DisplayPort, but can you use that with a GTX285 2gb?

I guess I am confused about what types of output a GTX285 would have and how well it would work with this monitor.

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  1. Why don't you ask the techs at Dell...

    Hopefully THEY know what they are selling!

    and buy a better video card...
  2. Normally the GTX 285 has HDMI, 1 TV Out, and two DVI outputs and is HDCP compatible.
    You can connect it via HDMI or DVI.
  3. Thanks a lot guys.

    Do you really think I need a better video card Marcelli?

    Anyone else have an opinion on that?

    I want 2500/2600, but wont game too much and I just want everything other than games to be perfect.
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