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Today I just received my corsair 850w psu and Antec 902 from Newegg.
As I have not bought the rest of the components yet, I decided to test out the psu by plugging in the case fans.
After I plugged the power supply into the wall and flipped the switch, low and behold. . . Nothing happened.

Long story short, is my power supply dead or does it need to be plugged into something else, like the motherboard, before it does something.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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  1. The psu needs to be plugged into the motherboard.

    There are power supply testing devices available and they need to be plugged into the large power cable for the motherboard.

    There is also the paper clip test:

    Orient the psu's large 20 or 24 pin connection cable so that connector's side clip is facing to your left. This clip is the one that attaches to the side of the main power connector on the motherboard

    Unfold a paperclip so that it is in the shape of a U.

    Locate the green wire connected to the power supply's main connector. There will be only one green wire connector among the 20 or 24 wires.

    Insert one end of the paperclip into the green wire's connection hole.

    Locate one of the black wires immediately next to the green wire and insert the other end of the paperclip into its connective hole. There will be two black wires beside the single green wire. Either wire may be used for this test.

    Plug the power supply into a wall outlet (mains) and turn it on using its power switch.

    If the fan in the power supply turns on, then the power supply is okay. The green wire on the power supply sends a signal to signify that the power supply is working. In the event that a portion of the power supply was not functioning correctly, the green wire would not send the signal and the power supply would fail to turn on.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply.

    I figured as much, but still, as this will be my first build I was a little freaked out when nothing happened.
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