Gigabyte micro mobo and amd 965 BE ram ?

Really confused on a ram choice.
Will ram thats made for i5 and i7 processors work?
should i stick to 1333 or 1600?

my motherboard

can someone inform me on what i should be careful about with ram and AMD chips
thank you very much

for example will this work?
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  1. Yes the the chips are interchangeable by platform, I don't know of any chips Made for I5 or I7, you will see certified for or similar the rest is adverstising.
    The chips you selected are fine, not familiar with the need to be carefull with amd chips. I have seen chips that were made out of spec that eventually got recalled.
  2. Because some chips say like OCZ intel edition so it got be confused.
    my motherboard says 1.5 volts for the ddr3 dimms.
    if i got the one obove which is 1.8 would i have to downclock for it to work?
  3. thanks
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