ATI CCC GPU Expert needed !!!!

I need to know how to turn the throttling off on a 6870? My card is very rarely, even while playing Crysis 1 in Direct x10 very high 4xAA, comes up to max clock speed yet it is at 90% usage.....I think that it is due to I assume a power saving feature in CCC. I have v10.5 I even pulled back on the CPU clock to see if that would get it up to spec.. Resolution while playing Crysis is 1366x768 the maximum allowed as Crysis 1 doesn't allow for HD...So whats the fix? During the latest driver update it actually dropped my WEI score on the GPU from a 7.8 -->6.4...I know someone has the answer :bounce:

System specs:

X4 965BE@4.11GHz-->1.5v
2x4 GB DDR3 1600MHz-->1.6v(7-9-8-24-1T)
Diamond 6870HD std. 900/1100MHz usual 300/300MHz (CCC v10.5)
60GB G.Skill SSD
640 Black HDD
80+gold Certified 550-watt PSU
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  1. I'm pretty sure the card should only throttle due to temperature and not usage. What are you running at while gaming? GPU-Z has a log option so you can look at the temps after gaming for a while.
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