What card should I use for my rig?

I'll be building a mid-price (around 2000) gaming rig in the next few months, but I can't decide on the graphics card.

I'll be running games at 2560x1600 whenever I can, and have the settings as high as possible while still having a smooth framerate (35ish+). I'm deciding between the following:

2x 4890 CFX
3x 4890 CFX
2x 4870x2
2x GTX295 SLI

Which config should I go for? I can always buy one initially and get another later, too.
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  1. if you are building it in the next few months, why not wait for the new video cards to come out?
  2. The new cards aren't going to come out until next fall most likely, and even then there will hardly be any games for DX11 for at least a year. Just like DX10 was.
  3. Quote:
    I'll be building a mid-price (around 2000) gaming rig in the next few months..

    mid-price huh...wonder what high-end is in your book...lol

    well any of the crossfire and sli options you would be pretty sick in my book...i think thats about top of the line
  4. 25x16..... how's about a GTX285 w/2gig memory for starters ?
  5. I've read from multiple sources that ATI cards are better at high resolutions, but nVidia is generally better with Intel, isn't it? ATI is also cheaper, so I might rule out the GTX295's. In that case, 4890 or 4870x2? I'll start with one and add another 1 or 2 later.
  6. If I do go with GeForce, I'm getting no less than a 295.
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