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Does anyone have any charts or specs about which are the most popular graphics cards for any type (mobile, desktop, etc) on the market?

I wish to perform testing on a wide variety of gfx hardware that covers a wide range of the most popular models. (I am only interested in models supporting VS and PS 2.0+). Thanks.
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  1. Most popular card won't mean most practical to benchmark, so your "on the market" line is of most importance.

    I haven't seen any sales figures that would rank current cards by popularity. The Steam Hardware Survey does help see a trend of what's being used. Click on Video Card description to see the complete list. GF 8800, GF8600, HD 4800 series lead the pack.

    Thing to keep in mind with Steam though is their games in general do not require top notch components and loads of gamers still play Valve games regularly on aging hardware. It sure wouldn't match the list of GPU's used for Crysis. ;)
  2. along with steam you can use yougamers. The site is run by Futuremark, makes of all those popular benchmark tests we love.
  3. Those pages are great. Thanks for the info.

    I am still looking for a little more though. Let me explain a little more of what I am doing. I am not trying to target the gaming market specifically. I am working on a general purpose graphics API. As aforementioned, I want to ensure compatability with a broad spectrum of gfx cards (the only requirement being VS 2.0 and PS 2.0). I am looking to purchase a large number of gfx cards and want to make sure to test a good portion of the market.
  4. I found something that is a bit like what I want. I am not sure how accurate the information is however.
  5. its probably accurate but there are two issues with it

    1) it includes integrated graphics, you would need to purchase an entire motherboard or laptop just to test that chip...or you can just skip testing them
    2) it includes several models that are no longer used by many people. For example the 6800GT was a good gaming card in its day for hard-core gamers but they have moved on 1-2-3x with new cards since then.
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