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I want to OC this mb a little to get my Physics Benchmark Score a little higher. I used OC Tuner to up the CPU Frequency to 210, giving me a CPU speed of 3145. Voltage for cpu is 1.3V and i am using a Phenom IIx4 940 BE. In the bios there is an EZ OC but i cant seem to get into it. Can someone tell me how to do this? OR what other settings i nedd to adjust? My graphics is already overclocked and running ok.
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  1. Mmm... Found the EZ OC,did it to 5% and my benchmarks were the pits! Better off changing the Multiplier and VCore Voltage with OC Tuner! Now i need to know how to change just the Multiplier and VCore Voltage on this mb. I tried clicking around and couldn't find it.
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