Only 2/4 GB usable on win7 x64 core i7 860, GB-P55-UD3R


I dont really know how to troubleshoot that,

cpu: intel core i7 860
mtherboard: Gigabyte P55-UD3R
ram: F3-12800CL7D-4GBRM
psu: 700w OCZ modXstream-pro

Two things:

Windows 7 states that only 2 GB are usable, but it recognizes the 4GB.
On cpuz, slot 1 and 3 are identified, why windows only using 2GB????

Also, Is it normal that windows 7 gives a performance score of only 5.5 for F3-12800CL7D-4GBRM ???

thx for replying
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  1. i think you need to go into bios and disable "I/O allocation'' or something like that

    at least it fixed for me
  2. this is on the p55-ud3r?
    im actualy at work so i cant look into it but yesterday i looked at all options in the bios....

    I found something out, the bios recognize the 2x 2048 stick in dimm1 and 3, but only one of them are shown in the Enabled Slot for a total of only 2048 Total Memory Size

    tried a couple of bios configuration:
    disabled a couple of green options, C1E, C3, C6, C7, EIST
    left the PROCHOT untouched
    i also disabled isochronous support

    What is PROCHOT for? and Isochronous?
    What else is there to try?
  3. Have you removed and reseated the modules?
  4. 4Ryan6 said:
    Have you removed and reseated the modules?

    this is exacly what GB told me. Tried and i even wiggled it and without success, windows still show 2GB as usable.
  5. benoitd said:
    this is exacly what GB told me. Tried and i even wiggled it and without success, windows still show 2GB as usable.

    I have same problem.
    I have 6GB and windows 7 x64 shows 2GB usable

    any success
  6. Fixed run msconfig
    max memory un tick
  7. Hi, I have an i7 860 but with a GB P55A-UD4P and 4GB of Gskill eco Ram and I have the same problem. Press the windows button and where it says search programs and files, type in dxdiag then go into it. Under system it says- Memory:4096mb ram (windows recognizes all 4GB) but when I go to display, it say-Approx. Total Memory: 1784 mb for my graphics card which is a ATI 4890 oc . Now the problem is that on the box it says my card is only 1GB so where the extra 784mb comes from I don't know, maybe windows is getting the extra ram from my GPU is actually borrowed memory for my 4gb ram. And if this this the case then this would explain why when I go into systems under control panel it says 4.00 GB (2.00 GB usable) because it is borrowing memory from my ram to use in other applications/hardware. I tried everything to try to change it but I can't seem to find the solution. Windows experience index also gives me a rating of 5.5 for ram, maybe because I'm only really using 2GB, if we could find a way to change this than I guess the rating would go up. Anyways besides that, my system runs smoothly. I've ripped DVD's, some downloading and watched another movie at the same time and my sytem doesn't even stress so I'm not that worried about that extra 2gb, so unless you need it for doing even more than that and your system starts slowing down , then I wouldn't stress. Hope this helps.
  8. i need it for virtualization. vmware wont allow more than 2g

    the rma is on its way, ill see if it was a defective stick...
    btw when i try both alone, post do not work
  9. It don't think its a defective stick, because I've tried swapping mine around also and the same thing happens. So I think it either the windows i am running(windows 7 x64) or Gigabyte have made an error with their bios settings. I've updated my bois from the GB site and rebooted but still nothing. If you have fixed the problem or found another solution, please let me know because it really starting to anoy me alot. Thanks
  10. Some people told me to reseat the cpu itself and to wiggles the ram.

    I was about to RMA the memory but gave it a last try. Once everything was set back, i removed the battery (to clear cmos) for 2minutes.

    Booted and everything was fine, windows epxerience from 5.5 to 7.6 and windows now shows 4GB usable.

    thx too all

    i repeat, solution is to reseat the CPU and RAM
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