4770 crossfire: 1 bridge or 2

I just bought a pair of asus 4770's from newegg and of course there was no crossfire bridge in either box. There are 2 crossfire slots on top of each card. Do I need two bridges or one, and if I only need one bridge, should I place it on the left or right slot?! Couldn't find any help on AMD/ATI's web site and as far as ASUS is concerned... it doesn't even exist! Thanks for any help!
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  1. Only one is required. Often people use two for symmetry and to know where it is. It really doesn't matter. Though if you use two and one is broken/"not as good" it can cause issues such as 'snow'.
  2. Thanks. Once I get my cpu cooler from newegg and power this thing up (the amd callisto stock cooler is pathetic looking), I'll see if the crossfire bridge is working fine. Was gonna order a second bridge from newegg tonight, but i think i'll hold off for now. Does it matter which of the two connectors (right or left) that i place the bridge on?
  3. Thanks.
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