Rivatuner overclock HELP

i attempted to overclock my grafix card and it worked stable at around 25% more in rivatuner so i checked the "apply overclocking preferences at windows startup" then apply --

it didnt work. my PC froze so i turned it off now everytime i start the OS it loads the overclock settings and freezes and i cant do anything about it :(

i can hook the hard drive to another computer and edit any files but im not sure what i need to change/delete to stop rivatuner from loading the failed settings

what can i do?
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    Go into safe mode when u boot up...remove rivatuner. If u have amd/ati video card..use their software for overclocking and same with nvidia video card (
  2. thanks i feel stupid for not using safe mode :-/
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  4. No biggie. Hope you get your problem resolve soon.
  5. damn... i removed rivatuner but the settings are still there!!!!!!!
    but i am on win XP so i found a way around it, start in VGA mode -_-
    it starts the res in 640x480 and if i change it ANY higher the Failed settings apply and my computer turns off......
  6. anybody help??
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