Completely erase an SSD?

Just wanted to know if theres a sure way I can completely eradicate all the info on an ssd ..I'll be taking this one back to the store...i wanna know if I can erase, or restore it so there's no data! Please help me out...I gotta do this today
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  1. A "Secure Erase" command was added to the SATA command set. You need to get a utility that will send it to the drive. Take a look here:, or Google SSD SECURE ERASE.

    Tom's Hardware uses this between passes of SSD testing to reset the drives to a completely unused state.
  2. Thanks alot! I'm gonna check it out
  3. Also, some vendors have their own toolbox / application (like Intel and OCZ) that have a Secure Erase feature built into the application. It is the easiest way to do so with those apps.

    Also, HDDErase is another very well known / used application for a secure erase on a SSD or hard drive.
  4. toolbox? im using an ocz ...what is a definite way to erase that particular ssd
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